On-Street Parking

On-Street Parking Overview

On-Street Parking entails much more than you might think. There are parking meters, loading zones, yellow curbs, Fire Hydrants, Reserved for special use spaces, Residential Permit Parking Districts just to name a few things you might see on our streets. For information on where and how to park please click on the links to the left. If you have any questions that we have not covered e-mail your questions to [email protected].


The LEXPARK SMARTCARD is a prepaid card you can use to pay for parking at any Pay & Display or old style single space meter in Lexington.  Note:  The newer style credit card accepting meters do not take the SMARTCARD.

Simply insert the card into the card slot on the meter with the top facing left, and add the desired time (in 15-minute increments). A major advantage: you pay for parking without carrying or fumbling with loose change.

By reinserting your card when you return to the single space meter, the remaining amount of time left on the meter is refunded back to your SMARTCARD for later use.

Note: The Pay & Display meters do not offer the refund option.

You can now purchase your LEXPARK SMARTCARD at the following locations:

  • LEXPARK office at 122 N. Broadway Street.
  • Phoenix Building on the 1st Floor from the receptionist at 101 East Vine Street.
  • Kennedy's Bookstore on the University of Kentucky Campus at the corner of South Limestone and Euclid Avenue.

IMPORTANT - Swiping a SMARTCARD isn’t exactly like a credit card!

Most folks are used to inserting a card in a gas pump, pulling it out and it works, but the SMARTCARD really doesn't work like most swipe cards we are used to.

  • Single Space Meters -- the card needs to be inserted with the sticker facing the left (blank side to the right) and left in the slot for a few seconds. Then the value left on the card will first be flashed on the meter screen; then the amount of time in 15-minute increments will be flashed on the meter screen. The card should be removed when sufficient time is reached.
  • Pay & Display Meters -- the card needs to be inserted with the sticker down (blank or chip side up) and left in until the P&D meter can read it. The bottom of the LCD screen will tell if it is reading.  Once it reads, it will tell you your balance on the card, and then it will deduct the selected amount of time from the card and then print the ticket.  At this point the card can be removed.  The tendency is to stick the card in then pull it out -- this won't work.